Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saint Patrick's Day - Treasure Hunt & Green Food

Despite feeling sick on Saint Patrick's Day, I still made it a Green Day. I had to made sure the girls and myself were all wearing green. We don't want to get pinched. Although I don't know who would pinch us since we didn't leave the house. I didn't have any plans due to being sick; so I told the girls we could do a treasure hunt around the house. Hubby and I made some clues and hid Quarters at each of the 6 places where the next clue was. They had a lot of fun playing that. I made green chocolate chip cookies by adding green food coloring to the dough and for dinner I made green homemade mac and cheese by adding green food coloring to that. The girls were not to sure about eating the green food; but quickly realized it tasted the same just a different color.

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