Saturday, June 4, 2011

Painting & Creepy Puppet Show

Today, there were a few different free activities going on; so we decided to them all!
First, we went to Home Depot's Kids Workshop to build a valet organizer for Father's Day. This would actually be very useful for hubby. My husband always comes to help; so this was not going to be a surprise Father's Day gift. Plus, the girls had other plans for their organizer. The oldest wanted to use it as a museum for her Playmobil set and the youngest wants to use it for her doll house. So much for being a gift for dad!

After the girls got home and painted their organizers; we stopped at Beverly's craft store for their rock painting event. They were showing them how to paint a ladybug. Of course, my youngest had to go against the flow and wanted to paint a puppy. Hubby helped her with that while I browsed the store.

Our last free outing of the day was to the Puppet Festival. The outdoor festival had a variety of puppet performances which included marionettes, ventriloquists, and a session where kids could play with different types of puppets. There was also a couple craft tables to make butterfly and caterpillar puppets which the girls enjoyed.

A giant 15 foot scary lookin' pink fairy puppet thing came walking around on stilts from time to time. It was definitely an attention getter; but not our cup of tea.

The shadow puppet show was the grand finale of the night. They encouraged people to stay until the end to see this award winning show and we were looking forward to watching it. Then they mentioned the performer had based the story on her survival of cancer. Since, the majority of the audience were children, I thought it would be a celebratory story. A story that might include butterfly, birds or some type of friendly,renewal images. But nooooooooo! It turned out to be CREEPY. The performer came around the seating area waffling this awful incense around. Then, the show began with eerie organ music. The 1st shadow image was a bird, a friendly image, then a tree (OK, not so bad). Then, she started talking about herself getting sick, she needed to find a doctor, she was being eaten up inside. She was dying, dying, dying as a shadow of an old lady that looked like death appeared during her narration. That's when I said it was time to leave. We were the 1st of several families with small kids who left. I don't know who decided to show this material at a place where kids are the majority of the audience. Aside from the giant pink fairy & the shadow performance, the festival was entertaining.

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