Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

On the evening before Memorial Day, we headed to LA Canada Park, Flintridge to watch their firework display. They started about 20 min. late; and the girls were getting impatient. It was more of a goofy impatience than being cranky. They had just come back from playing in the playground and kept their energy as we waited. The fireworks were about to start when I got out the glow necklaces. Ooooo! To our disappointment, they didn't even work:( I had a package left over from last year and apparently glow things have an expiration date. So, on with the show!

On Memorial Day, ALL of us dressed in our red, white and blue. After making my husband feel guilty to show respect and wear the colors; he then participated. We went back to the same park, where they had FREE activities. The girls enjoyed playing in the bouncers, blowing bubbles, coloring, the petting zoo and the playground. We had a picnic lunch and paid $3 for snow cone treats for the girls. For dinner, we BBQ'd hamburgers at the house. Yummo!

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